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My Work! 

The Listening Project (for the British Library, BBC Radio 4 and BBC local radio)

World War One at Home (for BBC Radio 4, 5 Live and BBC local radio)

There are some articles and books as well -


Including Museums: Perspectives on Museums, Galleries and Social Inclusion, (2001), University of Leicester, ISBN 1 898489 19 X

Visibly Proud: Celebrating diversity in women’s lives today (2003), Plymouth Race Equality Council Plymouth College of Art and Design and Plymouth City Museum, ISBN 0 904788 21 0

Polish Ground; the history and development of Ilford Park, (2001), Plymouth City Museum, ISBN 0904788164

A Naval Tradition: Jobs for the Boys – stories of local men at work, (2001), PCMAG, ISBN 0 904788 18 0

A Naval Tradition: Jobs for the Girls – stories of local women at work, (2001) PCMAG, ISBN 0 904788 17 2


On my CV it seems to suggest that I’m imaginative, enthusiastic and flexible with excellent communication skills. Conscientious and self-motivated in teams and independently. 

Of course!

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